January 16th and 18th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  PLACE OF SKULLS Last Hit With Vision 2003 Southern Lord
  MANTICORE Circle the Swine Manticore 2006 Damned Promotions
  GOOD CLEAN FUN It's Fun to Be a Vampire ... Except for All of the Goths Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place 2006 Equal Vision
  NEW FOUND GLORY Coming Home Coming Home 2006 Drive-Thru
  PINK SPIDERS Soft Smoke Teenage Graffiti 2006 Geffen
  SWEET Love Is Like Oxygen Level Headed   Capitol
  TESLA Action Talks Bust a Nut    
  L.A. GUNS Papa's Got a Brand New Bag Cuts 1992  PolyGram
  RAMONES I'm Against It Road to Ruin    
  JEVO To Plant a Pine Keeper of the Seven Beers 2001  
  LIBERTY N'JUSTICE with Ez Gomer of Jet Circus Kings of Hollywood Soundtrack of a Soul    
  POWND The Stand Technical Metal Newcomers    
  STAIRWAY Soldiers of Heaven The Other Side of Midnight 2006  
** HASTE With All the Pride and Dignity of a Drowning Swimmer The Mercury Lift 2003 Century Media
  HASTE Houdini Has Lost His Key The Mercury Lift 2003 Century Media
  HASTE The Absentee Pursuit in the Face of Consequence 1999 Century Media
  ALICE COOPER Billion Dollar Babies Billion Dollar Babies    
  ANTHRAX Panic      
  DEVILDRIVER Hold Back the Day      
  FLYLEAF All Round      
  FRANK ZAPPA Dickie's Such an Asshole      
  THE HANDFUL Cut N Run      
  ILL NINO Zombie Eaters      
  MOTORHEAD Vibrator      
  THE OFFSPRING Genocide      
  SAMMY HAGAR Fast Times at Ridgemont High      
  SPIDER ROCKETS Helter Skelter      
  STEVE MILLER BAND The Joker      

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