February 6th and 8th, 2007
The Listener Charge Show



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Record Company

  Y&T She's Gone      
  AEROSMITH Lord of the Flies      
  MSG Paradise      
  SAVATAGE Handful of Rain      
  TED NUGENT Little Miss Dangerous      
  LYNCH/PILSON When You Bleed      
  AC/DC For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)      
  HINDER Get Stoned      
  OLEANDER Are You There?      
  SLAYER Chemical Warfare (live)      
  JUDAS PRIEST Turbo Lover      
  RATT Way Cool Junior      
  WINGER Down Incognito      
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Death Valley Nights      
  KORN Coming Undone      
  GUNS N'ROSES Estranged      
  SCORPIONS Alien Nation      
  TOOL Vicarious      
  NINE INCH NAILS Every Day is Exactly the Same      
  MARILYN MANSON (S)aint      
  JACKYL The Lumberjack      
  GIANT Chained      
  OZZY OSBOURNE Zombie Stomp      
  CINDERELLA Dead Man's Road      
  METALLICA Astronomy      
  PUDDLE OF MUD Disciple      
  DIO The Last in Line      
  KISS Calling Doctor Love (live)      
  ZEN VENDETTA I'm Alive      
  Y&T City      

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