March 20th & 22nd, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  RUSH Far Cry Snakes + Arrows 2007 Atlantic
  THE NILLAZ Aye Aye (Ruff Mix)   2007  
  SEASONS OF THE WOLF Wings of Doom   2007  
  COMEBACK KID Industry Standards Broadcast 2007  
  DUSTSUCKER Out for Blood Jack Knife Rendezvous 2006  
  ICED EARTH Creator Failure   2001  
  JETT BLACK  Back Against the Wall   2006  
  JON OLIVA'S PAIN Hall of the Mountain King      
  KISS Two Timer Dressed to Kill    
  SPELLBLAST Legend of the Ice Wolf      
  METAL CHURCH Leave Them Behind Weight of the World    
  MISS CRAZY Billie      
  RAMONES Bonzo Goes to Bitburg      
** NOVEMBERS DOOM Rain      
  KIX Pants on Fire (Liar Liar)      
** PENTAMENTAL Evilization      
  BILLY SQUIER Emotions in Motion      
  KEVIN ZUGHSCHWERT Searching      
  JUDAS PRIEST All Guns Blazing Painkiller    
  IN FLAMES Reroute to Remain Reroute to Remain    
  FREYA War Pigs      
  TESTAMENT Over the Wall      
  THE CROWN Zombified      
  TYPE O NEGATIVE Lung World Coming Down    
  TENACIOUS D The Government Totally Sucks The Pick of Destiny    
  VAN HALEN Ain't Talking Bout Love      
  WHITE ZOMBIE Super-Charger Heaven Astro-Creep 2000    

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