April 10th & 12th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  KISS Burn Bitch Burn Animalize   Mercury
  KISS Heaven's on Fire Animalize   Mercury
  KISS I've Had Enough (Into the Fire) Animalize   Mercury
  KISS Thrills in the Night Animalize   Mercury
  IRON MAIDEN Where Eagles Dare      
  JED Ode to the Yeomann Synesthesia
  OX VS THUNDERBIRD Serving Armageddon
  BLITZKID Carve out a Heart Five Cellars Below 2006
  DAY AFTER DAY Wake Up Split with Can I Say 2007 Rebuild Recrods
  STAIRWAY Soldiers of Heaven The Other Side of Midnight 2007 Nightmare Records
  SEASONS OF THE WOLF Quilex Sampler 2007
  DROWNING POOL Soliders   2007  
  KILLER KHAN The Alamo Kill Devil Hills    
** VADER Dark Age The Ultimate Incantation   Metal Blade
  INSOMNIUM Mortal Share Above the Weeping World   Candlelight
** STEVE MILLER BAND Jungle Love      
  KRANIUS Leviathan
  DEMONSLUT Route 666
  EVELATED Strengthening
  DROPKICK MURPHYS We Got the Power Rock against Bush    
  STEEL RULES DIE Still Waiting for the End    
  SHADOWS FALL Burning the Lives Threads of Life    
  INSANE Halfway to Hell King of Fools    
  PRIMUS Camelback Cinema The Brown Album    
  BOG SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND Tomorrow Greatest Hits 2 (bonus track)    
  LOVERBOY Turn Me Loose      

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