June 19th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  JED Lincoln's Log Sanctuary 200 2001  
  JED Madmartigan Synesthesia 2006  
  JED Sanctum Sanctuary 200 2001  
  JED Rise of the Lombards Synesthesia 2006  
  MUNICIPAL WASTE The Inebriator The Art of Partying 2007 Earache
  DOMINICI The Cop 03 A Tribloy - Part 2 2007 Inside Out
  DEADLY WEAPON Once a Bitch Always a Bitch Deadly Weapon 2004  
  MEGADETH Blessed are the Dead United Abominations 2007 Capitol
  SHATTERPOINT Torn Apart Dead Precedence 2007  
  DROPKICK MURPHYS It's a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll Singles Collection Volume 2    
  WASP The Burning Man Dominator 2007 Demolition
  RAMONES Poison Heart RamonesMania 2    
  SAXON English Man'o'war Lionheart    
  MOTORHEAD Ain't My Crime The Best of Motorhead    
Something I Learnt Today Sons of Satan Praise the Lord 2002 Music For Nations / Threeman
The Strength of Misery Aren't You Dead Yet? 2004 Century Media

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