July 3rd & 5th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  WARP 11 Gotta Make It So It's Dead Jim 2007 Reboot Music
  TILT 360 In a Room Day 11 2007 Lovemuffin Records
  PROGRAM THE DEAD Nuclear Funeral Ginger 2007 
  BON JOVI We Got It Goin' On Lost Highway 2007 Island
  VAN HALEN Amsterdam Balance 1995 Warner Bros.
  POWND Still I Bleed Circle of Power 2007 Nightmare
  KISS Star Spangled Banner Alive III   Mercury
  GREEN DAY American Idiot American Idiot 2004 Reprise
  ROBERT JACKSON The Eyes of Nostradamus Twilight Theater 2006  
  DROWNING POOL Solders   2007  
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY America the Beautiful 1919 Eternal 2002  
  MOTORHEAD America Iron Fist    
  KISS Rockin' in the USA Alive II 1977 Casablanca
  ICED EARTH Star Spangled Banner The Glorious Burden 2005  
** DARK TRANQUILLITY Not Built to Last Haven    
  ROBERT PLANT Somebody Knocking The Mighty Rearranger    
** TISHAMINGO Get on Back The Point    
  POINT ONE Oxygen Unlucky Stars    
  THE NEMESIS THEORY Beer and Circuses Hypnopaedia    
  CHEAP TRICK How Are You Heaven Tonight    
  PROGRAM THE DEAD City Basement Ginger 2007  
  ZILTOID Ziltoid Ataxx! Ziltoid the Omniscient 2007  
  SPREAD EAGLE Broken City Spread Eagle    
  ALICE COOPER ...Prayer The Last Temptation 1994  
  KISS Sweet Pain Destroyer 1976  
  AC/DC Money Talks The Razor's Edge 1990  
  BLACK LABEL SOCITY Stronger Than Death Kings of Damnation    
  JUDAS PRIEST Ram It Down Ram It Down 1988  

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