July 10th & 12th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  TILT 360 It Grows Day 11 2007 Lovemuffin
  STONECREEP Man on the Silver Mountain We Bleed Disaster 2007  
  SPINAL TAP Back from the Dead      
  LEDYARD Suicide Sisters   2007  
  DARKAGER Bells of Doom Bells of Doom 2007  
  FREEVILL Deathblow Freevill Burning    
  TO THE LIONS Born to Die Baptism of Fire 2007 Goodfellow
  MOTHERNIGHT Infect Your Soul Mothernight 2007 Locomotive
  900 POUND GORILLA Big Fat Limo 900 Pound Gorilla 2007  
  JUDAS PRIEST You Don't Have to be Old to Be Wise British Steel    
  THIN LIZZY Heart Attack Thunder and Lightning    
  PETER CRISS Hooked on Rock'n'Roll Peter Criss 1979 Casablanca
  SUPAGROUP Rough Edge Rules    
  BODY COUNT Down in the Bayou Murder 4 Hire 2006  
** BLACK BONZO Ageless Door Sound of the Apocalypse 2007 The Lasers Edge
  SCORPIONS Another Piece of Meat Lovedrive 1979 Mercury
** BLACK SABBATH Shadow of the Wind Black Sabbath: The Dio Years 2007 Rhino
  SLAYER Dissident Aggressor South of Heaven    
  ZZ TOP Arrested For Driving While Blind      
  BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND Get Out of Denver Live    
  GOATWHORE Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult      
  FLYBANGER Blind World      
  LED ZEPPELIN Rock and Roll      
  ZANDELLE Prophecy Vengeance Rising    
  THE RAMONES Howling a thte Moon (Sha-La-La)      
  SHANGO Our Thing Metal Mafia    
  SHADOWS FALL Venomous Threads of Live 2007  
  RISE AGAINST Drones The Sufferer & the Witness    

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