July 17th & 19th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  GIRLSCHOOL Race with the Devil The Collection    
  GREEN DAY All the Time Nimrod    
  RAMONES Go Mental Road to Ruin    
  WARP 11 Tribbles and Ectasy It's Dead Jim 2007 Reboot Music
  BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Bicyle Race The Anatomy Of 2006  
  AFI Salt for Your Wounds Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes 1997  
  ALICE COOPER I Like Girls Zipper Catches Skin    
  ANNIHILATION TIME Yuppie Killer      
  NOFX Leaving Jesusland Wolves in Wolves Clothing    
  THE OFFSPRING Amazed Ixnay on the Hombre    
  SUM 41 Machine Gun Half Hour of Power 2000  
  MOTORHEAD God Save the Queen We are Motorhead    
  ILL REPUTE Surrender And Now    
  RAMONES Don't Bust My Chops Brain Drain    
** MONSTROSITY  The Exhordium Rise to Power 2003 Conquest
  FORWARDHEAD Cycle Pieces 2006 Hard Volume
** VAN HALEN Take Your Whiskey Home Women and Children First 1980 Warner Bros.
  AC/DC Shoot to Thrill Back in Black 1980  
  ALICE COOPER From the Inside From the Inside 1978  
  MOTORHEAD The Chase is Better Than the Catch Ace of Spades    
  CHEAP TRICK Surrender Heaven Tonight    
  JUDAS PRIEST Painkiller Ram It Down 1990  
  RAMONES Bop Til You Drop Ramones Mania 1988  
  KISS Rock Bottom Alive! 1975  
  LED ZEPPELIN Fool in the Rain In Through the Out Door 1979  

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