July 31st & August 2nd, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  WICKED LESTER Keep Me Waiting Wicked Lester Demos    
  KISS All Hell's Breaking Loose Lick It Up 1983  
  KISS Creatures of the Night Creatures of the Night 1982  
  KISS Firehouse (live) Alive! 1975  
  KISS God of Thunder Destroyer 1976  
  KISS Hotter Than Hell Hotter Than Hell 1974  
  KISS I Just Wanna Revenge 1982  
  KISS I Stole Your Love Love Gun 1977  
  KISS Magic Touch Dynasty 1979  
  KISS Mr. Speed Rock And Roll Over 1976  
  KISS Strutter Kiss 1974  
  KISS Tears Are Falling Asylum 1985  
  KISS It Never Goes Away Carnival of Souls 1997  
  PAUL STANLEY Bulletproof Live to Win 2007  
** DEATH BREATH Coffins of the Unembalmed Dead Stinking up the Night 2007 Relapse
  THE RED CHORD Send the Death Storm Prey for Eyes 2007 Metal Blade
** SCORPIONS Hour 1 Humanity Hour 1 2007  
  SHADOWS FALL Burning the Lives Threads of Live 2007  
  SLAYER Epidemic Reign in Blood 1986  
  CHILDREN OF BODOM Wrath Within Hatebreeder 1999  
  TESTAMENT The Preacher First Strike Still Deadly    
  ROB ZOMBIE House of 1,000 Corpses      
  TME Away From Decay Worlds Collide 2007  
  DARK TRANQUILLITY The Wonders at Your Feet Haven 2005  
  SOILWORK The Crest Fallen Stabbing the Drama 2005  
  IN FLAMES Brush the Dust Away Clayman 2000  
  MOTORHEAD Going to Brazil 1916 1991  
  RAMMSTEIN Du Hast Sehnsucht 1998  
  UDO Thunderball Thunderball 2004  
  AMON AMARTH Death in Fire Kein Kunstler 2004  

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