August 7th & 9th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  PAPA ROACH Getting Away with Murder Getting Away with Murder    
  HINDER Get Stoned   2005  
  BILLY IDOL Rebel Yell Greatest Hits    
  DROWNING POOL Rebel Yell Full Circle 2007  
  SIXX AM Heart Failure The Heroin Diaries 2007  
  ICED EARTH Ten Thousand Strong Overture of the Wicked 2007  
  SUPAGROUP Jailbait Fire For Hire 2007  
  BULLISTIC Song of Hope      
  SACRED REICH Death Squad (live) Surf Nicaraqua (re-issue) 2007  
  JAG PANZER The Mission (1943) Casting the Stones 2004  
  MURDERDOLLS Dead in Hollywood Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls    
  TESLA Walk Away (James Gang cover) Reel to Reel 2007  
  ULYSSES SIREN No Trace of Shame Above the Ashes    
  STARZ Subway Terror Violation    
** PELICAN Lost in the Headlights City of Echoes 2007 Hydra Head
  FUGZAI Repeater Repeater    
** BLACK SABBATH Letters from Earth Dehumanizer 1992  
  BLIND GUARIDAN Born in a Mourning Hall Imagination from the Other Side 1995  
  RUSH Subdivisions Signals 1982  
  DEF LEPPARD Rocket Vault    
  NAHEMAH Killing My Architect The Second Philosophy 2006  
  ALICE COOPER Generation Landslide Billion Dollar Babies 1973  
  ATREYU  Your Private War A Death Grip on Yesterday 2006  
  MOTORHEAD Crazy Like a Fox Overnight Sensation 1996  
  IN FLAMES Goliaths Disarm Their Davids Jester Race / Black Ash Inheritance 2002  
  DARK TRANQUILITY Haven Haven 2000  
  SCORPIONS 321 Humanity Hour Vol. 1 2007  

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