September 4th & 6th, 2007
The Third Annual Christopher J. Kelter Solo Show



Song Title



Record Company

  Queens of the Stone Age   3's and 7's  Era Vulgaris 2007  Interscope
  Obituary    Dead Silence The End Complete 1992  Roadrunner
  Lynch Mob   Tangled in the Web  Revolutions 2003  Deadline
  Vader   As the Fallen Rise Blood  2003  Metal Blade
  Queen    Dragon Attack The Game 1980  Hollywood
  Entombed   Ministry  Serpent Saints 2007  Threeman
  Extreme    No Respect Waiting for the Punchline 1995  A&M
  All That Remains   We Stand  The Fall of Ideals 2006  Prosthetic
  Faith No More    Land of Sunshine Angel Dust 1992  Slash
  Coldworker   They Crawl Inside Me Univited Contaminated Void  2006  Nuclear Blast
  Iron Maiden    Gangland The Number of the Beast 1982  Capitol
  Dimmu Borgir  The Sacreligious Scorn  In Sorte Diaboli  2007  Nuclear Blast
  Ion Dissonance    The Bud Dwyer Effect Breathing is Irrelevant 2003  Willowtip
  Paradise Lost   Praise Lamented Shade In Requiem 2007  Century Media
  Joe Satriani   Satch Boogie Surfing with the Alien  1987  Relativity
  Scarve   Irradiant  Irradiant 2004  Nuclear Blast
** Man or Astro-Man?   Intoxica  Destroy All Astromen! 1994  Estrus
  Pig Destroyer Heathen Temple   Phantom Limb 2007  Relapse
** Robert Plant   Burning Down One Side Pictures at Eleven  1982  Atlantic
  Rotten Sound  Burden  Exit  2005  Willowtip
  Rudess Morgenstein Project   Faceless Pastiche unknown magazine single    
  The Cult    Automatic Blues Sonic Temple 1989  Beggar's Banquet
  The End   Animals Elementary  2007  Relapse
  The Hidden Hand    Black Ribbon Mother Teacher Destroyer 2004  Southern Lord
  Threat Signal  One Last Breath  Under Reprisa 2006  Nuclear Blast
  Transmission0   Condor  Memory of a Dream 2006  Candlelight
  Circle Jerks    Coup d'Etat Repo Man Soundtrack 1984  MCA
  Tuner    White Cake Sky Pole 2007  Unsung
  The Illuminati   
Impressions On Borrowed Time 2004  Liquor & Poker
  Pelican   Lost in the Headlights  City of Echoes 2007  Hydra Head
  Tesla   Solution  Bust a Nut 1994  Geffen
  Napalm Death   When All is Said and Done Smear Campaign  2006  Century Media

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