September 25th & 27th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  HED(PE) Tienaman Squared Insomnia 2007  
  DALI'S LLAMA Sweet Sludge Sweet Sludge 2007 Self produced
  ERA VULGARIS Mark It Zero What Stirs Within 2007 Open Your Ears
  GANG GREEN We Can Go Older ... Budweiser 1987 Roadrunner
  HIM Bleed Well Venus Doom 2007 Sire
  LORDI The Deadite Girls Gone Wild The Arockalypse 2007 End
  MOUNTAIN Masters of War Masters of War 2007  
  SACRED RITE High Society Resurrection 2007 Self-produced
  ANN WILSON Immigrant Song Hope and Glory 2007  
  DROPKICK MURPHYS Famous for Nothing The Meanest of Times 2007 Born & Bread
  FIRE FOR EFFECT Jigsaw Inner Dimensional Chaos 2007 Murderworks
  HALFORD Screaming in the Dark The Metal God Essentials: Volume 1 2007  
  ICED EARTH A Charge to Keep Framing Armageddon 2007 SPV
  MEGADETH Symphony of Destruction Warchest 2007 Capitol / EMI
** DAN SWANO Creating Illusions Moontower 1998 Black Mark
  ARCH ENEMY The Immortal Burning Bridges 1999 Century Media
** ALICE COOPER Give the Radio Back Raise Your Fists and Yell    
  SHADOWS FALL Venomous Treads of Life    
  TED NUGENT I Love You So I Told You a Lie Free For All    
  THE GUESS WHO Clap for the Wolfman      
  ZANDELLE Blood Red Shores      
  IN FLAMES Touch of Red      
  AEROSMITH Lord of Your Thighs      
  SHANGO Control      
  PAPA ROACH I Devise My Own Demise The Paramour Sessions    
  MCQUEEN Blinded      

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