October 2nd & 4th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  ALTER BRIDGE White Knuckles Blackbird 2007  
  ANOTHER ANIMAL Black Coffee Blues Another Animal 2007  
  BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA Uncommon Heroes Good Morning America 2007  
  CANOBLISS Sinister Minister Liberation of Dissonance 2007  
  CRO-MAGS No Sympathy Greatest Hits 2006  
  THE ETERNAL A Dream's End Sleep of Reason 2005  
  FUELED BY FIRE Spread the Fire Spread the Fire 2007  
  THE HORRIFICS This Hungry Suffering Now Fear This 2007  
  LILLIAN AXE Become a Monster Waters Rising 2007  
  PUDDLE OF MUDD Psycho Famous 2007  
  TERROR Disconnected Rhythm Amongst the Chaos 2007  
  UDO The Wrong Side of Midnight The Wrong Side of Midnight (single) 2007  
  PSYCHOSTICK Hokey Fuckin' Pokey   2006  
  BLIND GUARDIAN Mirror Mirror Nightmare in Middle Earth 1998  
** BARONESS The Birthing Red Album 2007 Relapse
  MOONSPELL Lustmord The Butterfly Effect 1999 Century Media
** DEF LEPPARD Let's Get Rocked Hysteria    
  AEROSMITH S.O.S. (Too Bad) Get Your Wings    
  CHILDREN OF BODOM Bed of Nails      
  NOSTRADAMUS Wall of Anger      
  PAUL EPIC Proud South of Heaven, North of Hell    
  BLEED Better Than You      
  KISS The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away Hot in the Shade    
  AC/DC Ther'es Gonna Be Some Rockin' Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap    
  JUDAS PRIEST Johnny B. Goode Ram It Down    
  CHEAP TRICK Dream Police      
  POWERMAN 5000 Bombshell Anyone for Doomsday    
  AMON AMARTH Death in Fire      

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