October 23th & 25th, 2007



Song Title



Record Company

  W.A.S.P. Locomotive Breath The Best of the Best 2007 Snapper
  MOLLY HATCHET Beatin the Odds (live) Greatest Hits    
  JONUTIS Dark Solid    
  WEIRD AL YANKOVIC Canadian Idiot Straight Outta Lynwood 2007 Volcano
  BLUE CHEER Maladjusted Child What Doesn't Kill You 2007  
  WARP 11 Jerk My Kirk It's Dead Jim 2007  
  WOLFMOTHER Joker and the Thief Wolfmother 2006  
  DOGENDS Reality Strikes Welcome to Fatcore 2007  
  THE ROTTERS Lucky Strikes Wrench to the Nuts    
  THE FUCKING WRATH Hell Flies Tonight Season of Evil 2007  
  SLAM ALICE Deadly Spitting Cobra What, Hippy?    
  SCUM OF THE EARTH The Devil Made Me Do It Blah Blah Blah    
  THREE INCHES OF BLOOD Demon's Blade Fire Up the Blades 2007  
  GWAR Back in Crack Beyond Hell 2006  
  ALICE COOPER Your Own Worst Nightmare Dirty Diamonds    
** ...AND OCEANS Baby Blue Doll - Merry Go Mind The Symmetry of I, The Circle of O 1999 Season of Mist
  QUICKSAND Omission Slip 1993 Polydor
  KID ROCK All Summer Long Rock N Roll Jesus 2007  
  PAUL EPIC Truth South of Heaven, North of Hell    
  FORWARDHEAD Binary Pieces    
  THE DEAD ART Another Fleeting Moment Another Fleeting Moment 2007  
  FRANK ZAPPA Don't Eat Yellow Snow * 1974  
  BLUSHING WELL Breath This Flesh I'm In    
  BLEED Suffocated Miss Alcohol 2007  
  ACCOMPLICE City Walls She's on Fire 2007  
  POWND Divided Circle of Power 2007  
  LYNYRD SKYNYRD Gimme Three Steps      
  HELL WITHIN My Exit in Red Hell Within    
  KAMELOT Rule the World   2007  
  ALICE COOPER Wind Up Toy Hey Stoopid! 1991  

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