October 30th & November 1st, 2007
The Halloween Show



Song Title



Record Company

  METALLICA For Who the Bell Tolls Ride the Lightning    
  NIRVANA Lithium Nevermind    
  METAL CHURCH The Dark The Dark    
  BADLANDS Tribal Moon Dusk    
  DROWNING POOL Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Sinner    
  SEX PISTOLS Pretty Vacant Young Savage Pistols    
  QUEEN Sheer Heart Attack News of the World    
  DEATH Open Casket Leprosy    
  AXE Midnight Drives Me Mad Living on the Edge of Reality    
  THIN LIZZY Thunder and Lightning Thunder and Lightning    
  MOLLY HATCHET Flirtin With Disaster Greatest Hits    
  GIRLSCHOOL Race with the Devil The Collection    
  PLASMATICS The Damned Coup d Etat    
  SAM KINISON Gonna Raise Hell Leader of the Banned    
** JIMI HENDRIX Room Full of Mirrors Atlanta International Pop Festival July 1970 1970  
  THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine      
** FRANK ZAPPA Don't Eat Yellow Snow      
  LED ZEPPELIN Rock and Roll      
  THE WHO Happy Jack      
  LYNYRD SKYNYRD Call Me the Breeze      
  AC/DC Highway to Hell      
  PANTERA 5 Minutes Alone      
  KISS Read My Body      
  OZZY OSBOURNE Flying High Again      
  THE RAMONES Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment      
  ALICE COOPER I Love the Dead      

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