November 13th & 15th, 2007



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Record Company

  MISSING 23RD Woody's Song      
  BAD SAMARITANS I Woke Up in Love      
  THE FUCKING WRATH Past Your Grave      
  CHARMAN Roll Over Beethoven Charman    
  GLASS AND ASHES Black Beneath the Eyes      
  TWEAK BIRD White Lips      
  ROB HALFORD Saviour Resurrection    
  JUDAS PRIEST Rapid Fire British Steel    
  CAGE From Death to Legend Hell Destroyer 2007 MTM
  AS I LAY DYING The Sound of Truth An Ocean Between Us 2007 Metal Blade
  THREE These Iron Bones The End Is Begun 2007 Metal Blade
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Monsters Cultosaurus Erectus 1980  
  BLACK SABBATH Lord of this World Master of Reality 1971  
  FINAL CONFLICT Drive Safe No Peace on Earth, No Rest in Hell 2006  
** BIRDS OF PREY The Old Lady Rots (But the Checks Keep Coming) Weight of the Wound 2006 Relapse
  CALLENISH CIRCLE Sweet Cyanide Pitch Black Effects 2006 Metal Blade
** WEEZER Beverly Hills      
  THE FIRM Radioactive      
  THE SCORPIONS Rock You Like a Hurricane      
  CANDLEBOX I'd Die For You      
  EVERCLEAR Rock Star      
  MOTORHEAD Don't Waste Your Time      
  STYX Renegade      
  DARK TRANQUILLITY Nothing to No One Fiction 2007  
  METAL CHURCH Hitman      
  SAM KAZEROONI Contact      

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