January 1st & 3rd, 2008
The All Punk Show



Song Title



Record Company

  THE OFFSPRING Bad Habit Smash    
  A.F.I. Coin Return   1997  
  BLINK 182 Aliens Exist      
  CLAW HAMMER Satisfaction      
  DEAD BOYS 3rd Generation Nation (live) Night of the Living Dead Boys    
  DEE DEE RAMONE I Saw a Skull Instead of My Face      
  DEVO Be Stiff      
  THE DICKIES Gignator (live)      
  DOGSTAR Slipping Away      
  DR. KNOW El Salvador      
  DR. KNOW Piece of Meat      
  DROPKICK MURPHYS Boys on the Docks (live)      
  DROPKICK MURPHYS Fightstarter Karaoke      
  FEAR Back into Battle Again      
  FEAR I Believe I'll Have Another Beer      
  FEAR Ugly As You      
  FUGAZI Public Witness Program      
  G.F.I. Beer Goggles      
  GREEN DAY 2000 Light Years Away      
  ILL REPUTE Tweaked      
  LAST GREAT HOPE Not the Enemy      
  MOTORHEAD R.A.M.O.N.E.S.      
  RAMONES R.A.M.O.N.E.S.      
  MARKY RAMONE Nowhere Man      
  RAMONES Wart Hog      
  SLAPSHOT War on Drugs      
  SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Institutionalized      
  THE DOLLYROTS Jackie Chan      
  THE MISFITS Die Die My Darling      
  RAMONES Crusher      
  THE ROTTERS Lucky Strike      
  THE ROTTERS Punk Flamingos      
  THE ROTTERS Sit on My Face, Stevie Nicks      
  THE SHOCKER My Life as a Plumber      
  THE VANDALS Designed by Satan      
  THE VERMIN Breakin the Law (live)      
  THE VERMIN Johnny's Thunder      
  TOTAL CHAOS In Your Face      
  UNWRITTEN LAW World War 3      

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