February 5th & 7th, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  DOPE I Wish I Was the President American Apathy 2005  
  EXTREME When I'm President Pornograffitii 1990  
  ALICE COOPER Elected Billion Dollar Babies    
  MICHAEL STOLLAIRE Just Like Yesterday Holy Avenger 2007  
  GARGULA The Bets Are On      
  DEUCE When the Hammer Falls Down      
  HELLO New York Groove   1975  
  ACE FREHLEY New York Groove Ace Frehley 1979  
  KCAVEMEN Spongebob Squarepants (metal mix)      
  RAM Sudden Impact      
  MOTORHEAD I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) 1916    
  TED NUGENT Wango Tango Scream Dream    
  SEETHER Don't Believe Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces    
  CROSSWIND The Vote A Motion Sky 2007  
** TURMOIL New Media Bleeding Hands 1997 Century Media
  SINNER Calm Before the Storm The Nature of Evil (Special Edition) 1998 Nuclear Blast
** JOHN FOGERTY I Can't Take It No More Revival 2007  
  GASHEAD Aggressors The Isolationist 2007  
  INNERFURY The Other Face   2007  
  DARK TRANQUILLITY Misery's Crown Fiction 2007  
  BILLY IDOL World Comin' Down Devil's Playground 2005  
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Hammer Back Heaven Forbid 1998  
  SOUNDGARDEN Superunknown Superunknown 1994  
  STICK Grind Heavy Bag 1993  
  GZR The Invisible Foundations Forum Sampler 1981  
  ALICE COOPER My Stars (live) Billion Dollar Babies (Deluxe Edition) 2001  
  OFFSPRING Bad Habit Smash 1994  
  FALCONER Emotional Skies Grime vs. Grandeur 2005  
  JUDAS PRIEST Rock Hard Ride Free Defenders of the Faith 1984  

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