February 19th & 21st, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  TILT 360 Last String Day 11 2008 Love Muffin
  BLUE CHEER I Don't Know About It What Doesn't Kill You    
  MONSTER MAGNET Down in the Jungle God Says No    
  SLIK HELVETIKA You & Me Krypt Keeper 2007 Screaming Ferret
  CHRISTINE Bones      
  FLOATER SIX It's Not Unusual Spoon Fed 2007  
  FLOATER SIX U Need Me Spoon Fed 2007  
  METAL CHURCH Sunless Sky Weight of the World    
  THE LAST PRIORITY Refridgerator Raider Amerika Hijacked 2008 Burning Tree
  GYPSY PISTOLEROS Livin' La Vida Loca      
  QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS Say It's Not True      
  AMALGAMA Cyclical Stainless EP 2007  
  KISS Larger Than Life Alive II 1979  
  DR. KNOW Piece of Meat The Mystic Years Of    
** ZZ TOP I Got the Six      
  METALLICA Phantom Lord Kill 'Em All    

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