March 4th & 6th, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  SAMMY HAGAR Open Single 2007  
  JEFF HEALEY Angel Eyes      
  WHITESNAKE All For Love All for Love (single) 2008  
  CAGE Silent Rage Crusher EP    
  REVEREND Fortunate Son Play God    
  TED NUGENT Need You Bad Weekend Warriros    
  BILLION DOLLAR BABIES Too Young Battle Axe    
  HOSPITAL OF DEATH Transformer Theme      
  DIABLO ROYALE Remedy      
  DIO Sunset Superman      
  PANZER PRINCESS Fortunate Son      
  CRACKDUST Desecrate Dented Reality 2007  
  HATESPHERE Drinking with the King of the Dead      
  MOTORHEAD Speedfreak Iron Fist    
** THE JEFF HEALEY BAND Communication Breakdown Cover to Cover 1996  
  DOWN On March the Saints      
  MORBID ANGEL I Gateways to Annihilation 2000 Earache
** ALICE COOPER Clones Flush the Fashion    
  BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND Feel Like a Number Stranger in Town 1978  
  CHEAP TRICK Surrender      
  RAMONES R.A.M.O.N.E.S.      
  METALLICA Enter Sandman Metallica    
  HALFORD Resurrection Resurrection    
  BLACK SABBATH Paranoid Paranoid    
  AEROSMITH Mama Kin Aerosmith    
  DEVIN TOWNSEND The Greys Ziltoid the Magnificent    
  RUSH Tom Sawyer      
  LED ZEPPELIN Rock and Roll      
  NAPALM DEATH Cleanse Impure Punishment in Capitals    

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