March 11th & 13th, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  METALHEAD Speedball Metal Bands Only    
  36 CRAZYFISTS Absent are the Saints   2008  
  BADMOUTH Petal to the Metal      
  CROSSFIRE T.K.O. Dirty Games 2007 Perris
  HELIX Nickels and Dimes The Power of Rock and Roll 2007 Perris
  NINE INCH NAILS 4 Ghosts Ghosts 2008  
  LEATHER ANGEL Whole Lotta Love We Came to Kill 1982  
  ROB ZOMBIE Superbeast (live) Zombie Live 2007 Geffen
  THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD Pull The Trigger Malice 2007  
  MONSTER MAGNET Slap in the Face 4 Way Diablo 2007  
  DEATH ANGEL The Noose Killing Season 2008  
  ATREIDES  Dune      
  HOSPITAL OF DEATH Kicked to the Kerb Beer Bitches Blood 2008  
  REDRUM Rock Nation No Turning Back 2007 Sleazy Rider
** EARTH Rise to Glory The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skul 2008 Southern Lord
  THERAPY? Screamager Troublegum 1994 A&M
** IN FLAMES Clayman Clayman 2000  
  GUNS N'ROSES It's So Easy Appetite for Destruction 1987  
  TESTAMENT The Preacher      
  DARK TRANQUILLITY The Sun Fired Blanks Proejctor    
  RAMMSTEIN Du Hast      
  JUDAS PRIEST Ram It Down Ram It Down 1988  
  DIO Holy Diver Holy Diver    
  MOTORHEAD One More Fucking Time We Are Motorhead 2000  
  SLAYER Like the Average Stalker South of Heaven    
  SOILWORK Bastard Chain A Predator's Portrait    
  OBITUARY Boiling Point World Demise    
  SHALLOW WATER GRAVE The Darker Side of Truth Suspension of Disbelieve 2006  
  LIFE OF AGONY   1989-1999    

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