March 25 & 27th, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  TRENT REZNOR About Ghosts      
  NINE INCH NAILS Ghosts 1 Ghosts 2008  
  NINE INCH NAILS Ghosts 10 Ghosts 2008  
  ALCATRAZZ Stripper Disturbing the Peace    
  ANVIL Race Against Time Still Going Strong    
  NOFX Freedom Like a Shopping Cart      
  THE FOUR HORSEMEN Rockin' is my Business      
  STONELAKE Pain and Hunger Uncharted Souls 2008  
  GARGAMEL Get Up and Go Fields of Happy 2007  
  JOLLY ROGER Camoflaje Cactus 2007  
  TESTAMENT Henchman Ride The Formation of Damnation 2008  
  DREAM STEEL Flight of a Butterfly You 2008  
** MESHUGGAH Combustion Obzen 2008 Nuclear Blast
  LINDSEY BOULLT Bravo Davo de la Torre Composition 2007 Self-released
** ALICE COOPER Dirty Dreams Hey Stoopid 1991 Epic
  AC/DC This House is on Fire Flick of the Switch 1983  
  GREEN DAY She's a Rebel American Idiot 2004  
  NINE INCH NAILS Capital G Year Zero 2007  
  ROB ZOMBIE with OZZY OSBOURNE Iron Head The Sinister Urge 2001  
  IN FLAMES Eraser The Mirrors' Truth EP 2008  
  RESURRECTIS Inversion-Preversion The Cuckoo Clock of Hell 2003  
  SHORT SHARP SHOCK Monster SSS 2007  
  TED NUGENT Still Raising Hell Love Grenade 2007  
  ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN Takin' You Down Annie's Grave 2006  
  BACKSTREET LAW Hockey Helmet Hockey Helmet 1998  
  MOTORHEAD Overnight Sensation Overnight Sensation 1996  

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