April 8th & 10th, 2008



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Record Company

  GREEN JELLY Obey the Cowgod! Suxx! 1992  
  KANE ROBERTS Rock Doll Kane Roberts 1987  
  CANOBLISS Pneumatic Liberation of Dissonance 2007  
  AVENGED SEVENFOLD To End the Rapture (heavy metal version) Warmness on the Soul (single) 2001 Good Life
  AXE Living on the Edge Living on the Edge 1980  
  DISTURBED I'm Alive Ten Thousand Fists 2005 Warner Bros
  DEF LEPPARD Nine Lives Songs from the Sparkle Lounge 2008  
  STATIC-X Destroyer Cannibal 2007  
  RANCID Bloodclot Life Won't Wait 2008  
  BUCK DHARMA Born to Rock Flat Out 1982  
  CHEAP TRICK Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere) The Doctor 1986  
  CHEAP TRICK Woke Up with a Monster Woke Up with a Monster 1994  
  CHEAP TRICK Rock and Roll Tonight Busted 1990  
** DREAM THEATER Lie (single edit) Greatest Hit (and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) 2008 Rhino/Atlantic
  THE SWORD Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians Gods of the Earth 2008 Kemado
** IN FLAMES Disconnected A Sense of Purpose 2008  
  KING RAT To the Hilt Beautiful Songs for Ugly Children 2001 Fivecore
  VENOM The Darkest Realm Metal Black 2006  
  THE UNION UNDERGROUND South Texas Deathride An Education in Rebellion    
  TYPE O NEGATIVE Halloween in Heaven Dead Again 2007  
  SLAYER Silent Scream South of Heaven 1998  
  PANTERA Uplift Reinventing the Steel    
  OBITURARY Corrosive The End Complete 1997  
  MUSHROOMHEAD Before I Die XX 2001  
  DRY KILL LOGIC One Hnaded Knife Fight Dead and Dreaming 2004  
  CHEAP TRICK Surrender Heaven Tonight    
  CHEAP TRICK On Top of the World Heaven Tonight    

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