May 20th & 22nd, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  JUDAS PRIEST Visions Nostradamus 2008  
  IRON MAIDEN Aces High (live) Somewhere Back in Time 2008  
  NEVERMORE The Sounds of Silence Cover It Up Vol. 1    
  DEF LEPPARD Come On Come On Songs from the Sparkle Lounge 2008  
  GREY HAVEN Blind Me Grey Haven 2008  
  LOVERBOY Just Getting Started Just Getting Started 2007  
  SIRHAN SIRHAN Burn it Down Blood 2008  
  BLACK FLAG TV Party Damaged 1981  
  FOCUS Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus    
  HAREM SCAREM Had Enough Mood Swings    
  MOLLY HATCHET The Creeper Molly Hatchet    
  THE RAMONES        
  THE RAMONES        
  THE RAMONES        
** HELLOWEEN Power Time of the Oath 1995 Warner
  MASTODON Deep Sea Creature Call of the Mastodon 2006 Relapse
** AMON AMARTH Death in Fire      
  ANTHRAX Metal Thrashing Mad      
  AUTOPSY Funreality      
  ROYAL HUNT The Clan Collision Course 2008  
  JUDAS PRIEST Hell Patrol Painkiller 1990  
  VENOM Acid Queen (12" version)      
  PROTEIN From Mercury to Texas      
  PORTIKUS Golden Cage Virtual World 2005  
  DIO Rainbow in the Dark      
  FOZZY Happenstance Happenstance    
  THE RAMONES        
  THE RAMONES        
  THE RAMONES        

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