August 5th & 7th, 2008
Tribute to Female Rockers



Song Title



Record Company

  LITA FORD Can't Catch Me Lita 1988  
  BENEDICTUM The Mob Rules Uncreation 2006  
  PLASMATICS The Damned Coup D'tat    
  DREAMS OF THE FALL Locks and Boxes The Beauty of Breakdown
  DORO She's Like Thunder Classic Diamonds    
  CRUCIFIED BARBARA I Need a Cowboy from Hell In Distortion We Trust    
  THE LOVEMONGERS Battle of Evermore   1992  
  JOAN JETT Fetish Naked    
  THE RUNAWAYS Cherry Bomb The Runaways  1976  
** ARCH ENEMY Revolution Begins Rise of the Tyrant 2007  
  DRAIN S.T.H. I Don't Mind Horror Wrestling 1997  
  SLEATER KINNEY Male Model All Hands on the Band One 2000  
  THE GATHERING Shot to Pieces If_Then_Else 2000  
  IN THIS MOMENT Prayers      
  WITHIN TEMPTATION Dark Wings Mother Earth 2001  
** WICKED WISDOM One      
  EVANESCENSCE Whisper Origin 2000  
  FLYLEAF Full Awake   2006  
  LACUNA COIL To the Edge Karmacode 2006  
  L7 Shitlist Bricks are Heavy 1992  
  OTEP Battle Ready Sevas Tra    
  MASTERLAST Think of the Day      
  SINOCENCE Beneath the Halo      
  PAT BENATAR Hit Me with Your Best Shot      
  VALKJA The Last One      
  KITTIE Brackish Spit 1999  
  ECHOES OF ETERNITY Voices in a Dream      
  LACRIMOSA Copycat (Samuel Remix)      

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