August 19th & 21st, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  CESSATION OF LIFE Necropolis   2008  
  MOTORHEAD When the Eagle Screams Motorizer 2008 SPV
  CROSS EXAMINATION Arson Party Squad Menace II Sobriety 2008  
  AC/DC Can't Stop Rock N Roll Stiff Upper Lip 2000  
  DEAD RITES Ritual (live) Dead Alive 2008  
  BEER MONGERS Dead End of the Street      
  HATEBREED I Will Be Heard (live)      
  GODSMACK Time Bomb All Wound Up    
  DEEP PURPLE Things I Never Said Rapture of the Deep 2005  
  GAUNTLET Die Away The Comeback 2007  
  MUSHROOMHEAD These Filthy Hands XX    
  FU MANCHU Jailbreak Jailbreak    
  BONDED BY BLOOD TMNT Feed the Beast    
  HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS Pineapple Express Pineapple Express Soundtrack 2008  
** VAN HALEN Why Can't This Be Love      
  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Rusted Embrace      
  POINT ONE Sometimes      
  AEROSMITH One Way Street Aerosmith 1975  
  AXENSTAR Run or Hide The Inquisition 2005  
  CHAIN COLLECTOR Neverwhere The Masquerade    
  WIRED ALL WRONG Elevatin Break out the Battle Tapes    
  SLAVIOR Origin      
  SHADOWS FALL Venomous Threads of Life 2007  
  SAM KAZEROONI Contact Delve    
  DIPHTHERIA To Wait for Fire      
  DEMETRA SINE DIE Ethik Council From Kaos    
  IN FLAMES December Flower Jester Race / Black Ash Inheritance 2002  
  TRISTWOOD Pandeamonic Paradoxon The Delphic Doctinre 2006  

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