September 2nd & 4th, 2008



Song Title



Record Company

  METALLICA The Day That Never Comes Death Magnet 2008  
  AC/DC Rock N Roll Train Black Ice 2008  
  TESTAMENT Killing Season The Formation of Damnation 2008  
  MOTORHEAD Runaround Man Motorizer 2008  
  BLACK SABBATH Neon Nights Heaven and Hell    
  JUDAS PRIEST Prophecy Nostradamus 2008  
  ROYAL HUNT Divide and Reign Collision Course 2008  
  HIRAX Satan's Fall      
  TED NUGENT Little Miss Dangerous Little Miss Dangerous    
  W.A.S.P. Fistful of Diamonds The Last Command    
  WEDNESDAY 13 I Want You ... Dead Transylvania 90210    
  PAUL STANLEY Bulletproof Live to Win    
  EXCITER Sudden Impact Long Live the Loud    
  ZEKE Rhiannon Dirty Sanchez    
** THE ABSENCE Riders of the Plague Riders of the Plague 2007 Nuclear Blast
  NUNO Swollen Princess Schizophonic 1996 A&M
** BILLY IDOL Dancing With Myself      
  AC/DC Meltdown      
  ZANDELL Blood Red Shoes      
  WEIRD AL YANKOVIC Canadian Idiot      
  UDO 24/7      
  SHIFT Gone Wrong      
  ORGAN Opening      
  QUEEN (Roger Taylor on vocals) I'm in Love with My Car A Night at the Opera 1975  
  THE WHO I Can See for Miles and Miles      
  RUSH Distant Early Warning      
  PANTERA Planet Caravan Far Beyond Driven    
  AFTER FOREVER Between Love and Fire      
  AVENGED SEVENFOLD Trashed and Scattered      
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Godzilla      

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