December 9th & 11th, 2008



Song Title



  AC/DC Rock N Roll Train Black Ice 2008
  DISTURBED Inside the Fire Indestructible 2008
  DRAGONFORCE Heroes of Our Times Ultra Beatdown 2008
  JUDAS PRIEST Visions Nostradamus 2008
  JUDAS PRIEST Nostradamus Nostradamus 2008
  METALLICA My Apocalypse Death Magnetic 2008
  MINISTRY Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones cover) Cover Up 2008
  MOTLEY CRUE Saints of Los Angeles Saints of Los Angeles 2008
  ROB ZOMBIE Lords of Salem (live) Zombie Live 2007
  ROBERT PLANT AND ALISON KRAUSS Please Read the Letter Raising Sand 2008
  MARS VOLTA Wax Simulacra   2008
  SLIPKNOT Psychosocial All Hope is Gone 2008
** GOJIRA Ocean Planet From Mars to Sirius 2006
  OMNIUM GATHERUM The Second Flame The Red Shift 2008
** ALICE COOPER Women of Mass Destruction Dirty Diamonds  
  AC/DC Let Me Put My Love Into You Back in Black  
  TYPE O NEGATIVE Day Tripper (Beatles cover) World Coming Down  
  RAMMSTEIN Tier Sehnsechut  
  THE OFFSPRING Self Esteem Smash  
  IN FLAMES In Flames Lunar Stain  
  DARK TRANQUILLITY The Treason Wall The Damage Done  
  BRUCE DICKINSON Kill Devil Kill Tyranny of Souls  
  BILLY IDOL L.A. Woman (Doors cover)    
  OPETH Hours of Wealth Ghost Reveries  
  BLACK SABBATH Master of Insanity Dehumanizer  
  DORO My Majestry Warrior Soul  

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