January 13th & 15th, 2009



Song Title




  THE BILLY MARTINI SHOW Rock N Roller Pajama Party A Go Go Delicious 2008
  CHARIOT OF SHAME Shoulda Known Better Chariot of Shame Self-released 2006
  IRON FIRE The Demon Master To the Grave   2009
  DORO Running From the Devil Fear No Evil   2009
  ANGEL BLAKE You'll Never Need to Feel Again The Descended   2008
  ARNIECORPS True Lies      
  THE SAMMUS THEORY Counterfeit      
  VIKING SKULL Hair of the Dog      
  THE BIMM QUAID Unmovement Machine      
  ARKENSTONE Dead Human Resource Dead Human Resource   2008
  XYZ Face Down in the Gutter Best of XYZ   2008
  DAVID PICKSTOCK Satan's Kiss Bury the Jury   2008
  DIO Breathless The Last in Line WB 1984
  ACE FREHLEY Five Card Stud Trouble Walkin   1989
** CHEESEBURGER Tiger N/A Self-produced 2007
  UNEARTH My Will Be Done The March Metal Blade 2008
** DISTURBED The Sickness The Sickness    
  SOILWORK The Flameout Natural Born Chaos    
  BLUDGEON Infidel      
  ATREYU Shameful      
  BYZANTINE Slipping on Noise The Fundamental Componer    
  ROB ZOMBIE Scum of the Earth Sinister Urge    
  PAPA ROACH Swatting Flies Circle of Power    
  SALIVA King of the Stereo Blood Stained Love Story    
  CHEAP TRICK Dream Police Dream Police    
  THE UNION UNDERGROUND South Texas Deathride      
  MUDVAYNE The Patient Mental The End of All Things to Come    
  LILLIAN AXE Become a Monster Waters Rising    
  KING OF THE CROW Left for the Wolves Hyborea    

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