January 20th & 22nd, 2009



Song Title


Year Label
  APOCALYPTICA Last Hope Worlds Collide 2007  
  CLOUDSCAPE Hope Crimson Skies    
  DOMINICI A New Hope 03: A Trilogy Part II 2007  
  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Hope is Not Lost The End of Heartache 2004  
  PETER CRISS Hope One for All 2007  
  ROCK KILLS KID The Hope Song      
  RUSH Hope Snakes+Arrows 2007  
  ROUGH CUTT Dreamin Again (live) Rough Cutt Live    
  BRAZEN ABBOTT Dreams My Resurrection 2005  
  CROWBAR Dream Weaver Equilibrium    
  DAIZE CHAIN Live Your Dreams Live Your Dreams 2005  
  DEEP PURPLE King of Dreams Slaves and Masters 1990  
  ZZ TOP Dreams American Blues 1969  
  VAN HALEN Dreams The Best of Both Worlds    
** CANDLEMASS Devil Seed King of the Grey Islands 2007  
  LAETHORA Black Void Remembrance March of the Parasite 2007  
** ALICE COOPER Elected Billion Dollar Babies    
  THE RAMONES I Wanna Be Sedated      
  ARKENSTONE Blame      
  LED ZEPPELIN Fool in the Rain In Throug hthe Out Door    
  MOTORHEAD Step Down Bomber    
  POWERMAN 500 Heroes and Villains Destroy What You Enjoy    
  PRIMUS The Return of Sathington Willoughby The Brown Album    
  SCORPIONS Winds of Change      
  STEVE MILLER I Wanna Make the World Turn Around      
  VAN  HALEN It's About Time      
  METALLICA Ain't My Bitch Load    
  THE WHO Won't Get Fooled Again      

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