January 27th, 2009



Song Title


Year Label
  SCOTT WEILAND Missing Cleveland Happy in Galoshes 2009  
  REVENGINE Come Again Promo 2009  
  REVENGINE From Human to Animal Promo 2009  
  SKULLHAMMER Fear the Truth Fear the Truth 2009  
  THE LIMIT Unglued      
  SANTERIA Come On Baby Year of the Knife 2008  
  MUNICIPAL WASTE Mind Eraser Hazardous Mutation 2007  
  RANCID Something in the World Today Life Won't Wait 1998  
  GREEN DAY My Generation (The Who cover) Kerplunk 1992  
  GOAT HORN Rise Into the Night Threatening Force 2005  
  HEART OF SUN Into the Black Hole Heart of Sun 2006 Nightmare
  TKO I Wanna Fight In Your Face 1984  
  TO THE LIONS Nightmare Begins Baptism of Fire 2007  
  CELINE DION with ANASTACIA You Shook Me All Night Long Divas    
Free Will Sacrifice Twilight of the Thunder God 2008 Metal Blade
Quantumleaper Morphogenesis 2006 Nuclear Blast
** ZEN VENDETTA West Coast Out on the West Coast 2009  
  SOIL Deny Me    
  NIGHTRAGE Death-Like Silence      
  FLAGELLATION Purified by Fire Incinerate Disintegrate    
  CRIMSON FALLS Erase All Fears The True Face of Human Nature    
  TISHAMINGO Get on Back The Point    
  RED HARVEST Symbol of Decay Internal Punishment Programs    
  SCUM OF THE EARTH Nothing Girl Blah Blah Blah Love Songs for the New Millennium    
  SAM KAZEROONI Mission Vision    
  BLEED Suffocated Miss Alcohol    
  RICK RAY BAND The Spirit of Fear Nothing to Lose    

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