March 10th, 2009



Song Title


  ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY Rockin' Is My Business (The Four Horsemen cover) River City Revival 1999
  BLACK SABBATH Sweet Leaf We Sold Our Soul for Rock N Roll 1975
  BLOOD DUSTER MySpaceYourFace Lyden Na 2007
  CLUTCH Day of the Jackalope Slow Hole to China 2003
  ELECTRIC WIZARD We Hate You Dopethrone 2000
  FIREBALL MINISTRY Death Dealer Ou Est La Rock? 1999
  GOATSNAKE Black Cat Bone Trampled Under Hoof  
  THE HIDDEN HAND Coffin Lily Mother Teacher Destroyer 2004
  MONSTER MAGNET Sin's a Good Man's Brother Spine of God 1992
  ORANGE GOBLIN Born with Big Hands Coup de Grace 2002
  PLACE OF SKULLS Last Hit With Vision 2003
  PRIESTESS Living Like a Dog   2005
  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Little Sister Lullabies to Paralyze  
  ST. VITUS Mind-Food V 1989
  THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX Black Trans-Am Spit Blood 2002
  THE SWORD How Heavy This Axe Gods of the Earth 2008
  WOLFMOTHER Love Train Dimensions 2005
  ZEKE Now You Die Dirty Sanchez  
Over Me Occupational Hazard 1998
Obscure Divine Manifestation Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation  
** SLIPKNOT Sulfur All Hope Is Gone 2008
  DARK TRANQULLITY Blind at Heart Fiction  
  SOILWORK Your Beloved Scapegoat Sworn to a Great Divide  
  IN FLAMES Tilt A Sense of Purpose  
  AGE OF RUIN Death in Fire Kein Titel  
  DEATH Painkiller (Judas Priest cover)    
  HATEBREED Unloved    
  THE FALLEN Keep Suffering    
  TRIVIUM Suffocating Sight Asecndancy  
  VENOM Bloodlust Welcome to Hell  
  LACUNA COIL What I See Karmacode  

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