March 24th, 2009



Song Title


  THUNDERBREW Fountain of Youth   2009
  RIFF RAFF Dancing Queen (Abba cover) Rock N Roll Mutation 2006
  GIANT SQUID Throwing a Donner Party at Sea The Ichthyologist 2009
  MAD MAX War White Sands 2007
  BALANCE OF POWER Chemical Imbalance Heathen Machine 2003
  THE HAMTOUCHERS Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer) Warhammer 2009
  JEKYL Face Your Fears    
  PSYCHOSTICK This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich    
  B-MOVIE MONSTERS Salem's Lot   2009
  ENVOID Beyond the Silence    
  CAULDRON Making Noise and Drinking Beer Chained to the Nite 2009
  RETRO GRAVE Five Sentences Retro Grave 2009
  THE MEDIKATION AGE Ink Blotter This is What Scares the Monsters 2008
  ENDLESS VOID New York Girl Endless Void 2008
** SCOTT 'WINO' WEINRICH Secret Realm Devotion Punctuated Equilibrium 2009
  TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED Merciless Ignorance Purgation 2008
** NASHVILLE PUSSY Why Why Why From Hell to Texas 2009
  QUEEN Sheer Heart Attack News of the World  
  SCORPIONS Bad Boys Running Wild Love at First Sting  
  ENVOID Scarlet Bell Jar  
  NINE INCH NAILS Not So Pretty Now Ninja 2009 Tour  
  NAZARETH Beggar's Day Hair of the Dog  
  DOWN On March the Saints    
  GZR Pardon My Depression Ohmwork  
  SUICIDAL TENDENCIES You Can't Bring Me Down Lights! Camera! Revolution!  
  AEROSMITH Toys in the Attic Toys in the Attic  

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