April 7th, 2009



Song Title


  DEEP PURPLE Pictures of Home Machine Head 1972
  THIN LIZZY Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) Renegade 1981
  RUSH Fly By Night Fly By Night 1975
  KISS Watchin' You Hotter Than Hell 1974
  TED NUGENT Stormtroopin' Ted Nugent 1975
  ALICE COOPER Give the Radio Back Raise Your Fist and Yell 1987
  IRON MAIDEN Number of the Beast (live) Live After Death 1985
  JUDAS PRIEST Rapid Fire British Steel  
  MOTORHEAD I'm So Bad Baby (I Don't Care) 1916  
  METALLICA Too Late Too Late (Motorhead cover)   2004
  CREED I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper cover)   2003
  MELVINS God of Thunder (Kiss cover)   1990
  THRONE OF CHAOS Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)    
  RAGE Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)    
** SOTHIS Of Night and Silence
De Opresso Liber
  MASTODON Divinations Crack the Skye 2009
** PEARL JAM Even Flow Ten  
  GUNS N'ROSES Mr. Brownstone Appetite for Destruction  
  DROWNING POOL No More Saw III Soundtrack  
  ANTHRAX Metal Thrashing Mad    
  BYZANTINE Stick Figure The Fundamental Component  
  CONQUEST Take No Boundaries  
  DIPTHERIA I Believe To Wait For Fire  
  EIDOLON Order of the White Light The Parallel Otherworld  
  IN EXTREMO Der Galgen Weckt Die Totten  
  MASTODON Crack the Skye Crack the Skye 2009
  ROYAL HUNT The Clan Collision Course  
  SPINESHANK Synehtic The Height of Callousness  
  THE CROWN Morningstar Rising Possessed 13  
  SUBSTANCE D F.B.I. Black  

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