April 14th, 2009



Song Title


  ANVIL Metal on Metal Metal on Metal 1982
  ANVIL Smoking Green Plugged in Permanent 1996
  ANVIL Old School Absolutely No Alternative 1997
  ANVIL March of the Crabs Metal on Metal 1982
  ANVIL The Speed of Sound Speed of Sound 1998
  ANVIL Fast Driver Back to Basics 2004
  ANVIL Bombs Away This is Thirteen 2007
  HEAVEN AND HELL Bible Black Know Your Enemy 2009
  WARBRINGER Shadow from the Tomb Waking Into Nightmares 2009
  PSYCHOSTICK #1 Radio Single Sandwich 2009
  IMPELLITERI Last of a Dying Breed Wicked Maiden 2009
  CRUCIFIED BARBARA Pain and Pleasure Till Death do We Party 2009
  THE GATHERING All You Are The West Pole 2009
  ROBERT DELIRIO Hot Heat DigitalCore 2009
Radical Resistance Hordes of Chaos 2009
Out to Get You Red Harvest 2007
** ROYAL HUNT Collision The Clan  
  THE CROWN Morningstar Rising Possessed 13  
  SUBSTANCE D F.B.I. Black  
  BILLY SQUIER In the Dark    
  RUSH Limelight Moving Pictures  
  THE RAMONES Spiderman (live)    
  KID ROCK Cocky Cocky  
  THE OFFSPRING Genocide Smash  
  TYPE O NEGATIVE Dead Again Dead Again  
  BRUCE DICKINSON Tattooed Millionaire Tattooed Millionarie  
  CHEAP TRICK Dream Police Dream Police  

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