April 21, 2009



Song Title


  METAL CHURCH Battalions Metal Church  
  ENDLESS VOID Prophecy EP 2008
  STRATOVARIUS Future Shock Future Shock single 1988
  TED NUGENT Out of Control Cat Scratch Fever 1977
  HIRAX Walk With Death Chaos and Brutality 2008
  ALESTORM Keelhauled Black Sails at Midnight 2009
  CAULDRON Bound to the Stake Chained to the Nite 2009
  SEANCE Forever Haunted Awakening of the Gods 2009
  TANKARD Stay Thirsty! Thirsty 2008
  AXE Heroes and Legends Five 1997
  METALLICA Sweet Amber St. Anger  
  LICK Lambs to Lions No Love 2009
  BLIND GUARDIAN Lionheart A Twist in Myth 2006
  CKY Hellions on Parade Carver City 2009
Unto Others He Who Shall Not Bleed 2007
Soli Deo Gloria Kingdom of Might 2009
** HALFORD Made in Hell Resurrection  
  HELLRAZOR All Your Love    
  KENOS Mutant Creation The Craving  
  LESS THAN UNDER Shot to Hell    
  MOTORHEAD One to Sing the Blues 1916  
  ORGAN Hate Fueled Volume of Hate  
  HATEWORK Radio Madness Trash N Roll  
  DISTORTED Is It the Wind Memorial  
  BLUDGEON Infidel    
  AS I LAY DYING Confined    
  COPPERHEAD Free Man    
  FLYBANGER Outlived    

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