May 19, 2009



Song Title


  DREAM THEATER Stargazer Stargazer (single) 2009
  GRIEF OF WAR Captured Soul Eternity Worship 2009
  THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT Walking Without Feet (Cearto) Remedies 2009
  BRONZE Losin' Control Bronze 2009
  GASHEAD EVP Seething Apparatus 2009
  PLEASURE MAKER What We Left Behind Twisted Desire 2008
  THE WHORE MOANS Rockets and Knots Hello from the Radio Wasteland 2008
  DOPE with ZAKK WYLDE Addiction No Regrets 2009
  THE ANSWER Dead of the Night Everyday Demons 2009
  GO LIKE HELL Eat My Dust Hell Bent Rock N Roll 2004
  THE UNINVITED What God Said Artificial Hip 1999
  METALLICA Cyanide Death Magnetic 2008
  ENDLESS VOID Apparitions and the Undertaker Endless Void 2009
  JUDAS PRIEST All Fired Up Turbo 1986
Ashes The Way of the Fist 2007
Radio Girl Rock the Rebel, Metal the Devil 2007
** GREEN DAY St. Jimmy's Green Day  
  LES CLAYPOOL Red State Girl Of Fungi and Foe 2009
  METALLICA My Apocalypse Death Magnetic 2008
  MOTORHEAD Civil War Overnight Sensation  
  AC/DC Squealer Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  
  LITA FORD Can't Catch Me    
  ANDREW W.K. Party Hard I Get Wet  
  NAZARETH Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog  
  PSYCHOSTICK Beer We Couldn't Think of a Title  
  RATT Round and Round    
  SHANGO Monster    
  UDO Thunderball Thunderball  
  FALCONER Emotional Skies Grime Vs. Grandeur  

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