May 26, 2009



Song Title


  SUM 41 We're All to Blame    
  MURDERDOLLS Dressed to Depress    
  CHICKENFOOT Soap on a Rope Chickenfoot 2009
  CHICKENFOOT Turnin' Left Chickenfoot 2009
  DIAMOND HEAD Shoot Out the Lights    
  FEAR U.S.A. Have Another Beer With Fear  
  IN FLAMES Goliath Disarms Their David    
  IRON SAVIOR Deliveirng the Goods    
  JACKNIFE Surrender Never    
  JESTERS MOON Devil's Eyes    
  LOUD N NASTY If You Wanna Rock    
  MEAT LOAF Whatever Happened to Saturday Night (live)    
  SPIDERS & SNAKES American Baby    
  TWISTED SISTER Stay Hungry Stay Hungry  
** ENSLAVED Isa Isa 2005
  DIAMOND HEAD Shoot Out the Lights Four Cuts 1982
** BILLY IDOL Eyes Without a Face    
B BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Blackout Out World Shot to Hell  
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Joan Crawford    
  RUSH YYZ Moving Pictures  
  IRON MAIDEN Wrathchild (live) Live at Donnington  
  JUDAS PRIEST Hell Patrol Painkiller  
  KAOS Mass of Fury KAOS Among Us  
  SCORPIONS Big City Nights    
  SOUNDGARDEN Black Hole Sun Superunknown  
  SKINTILLA Trust    
  TENACIOUS D The Government Totally Sucks The Pick of Destiny  
  TORTURE Whips Part 2    
  GUN N' ROSES It's So Easy    
  HALFORD Forgotten Generation    

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