June 2, 2009



Song Title


  CIRITH UNGOL We Know You're Out There    
  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Reckoning   2009
  WHITE KNUCKLE BATTERY Natural Born Swagger    
  MARILYN MANSON Unkillable Monster The High End of Low 2009
  TESTAMENT Disciples of the Watch (live) Live at Eindhoven 2009
  RAWHEAD REXX Metal War (Chapter V) Diary in Black 2003
  BON JOVI Keep on Rockin in the Free World (Neil Young cover) (live) One Wild Night 2001
  DAVID T. CHASTAIN House of Stone In Dementia 1997
  DR. KNOW Mean Machine (Motorhead cover) Killing for God 2008
  IRON AGE Dispossessed The Sleeping Eye 2009
  MAIN LINE RIDERS Worldshaker Worldshaker 2009
  TYTAN Cold Bitch Rough Justice 1985
  REANIMATOR Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover) Covered with Darkness 2003
  X.Y.Z. Breaking Down a Wall Metalization 2001
Slaughtering the Will to Live The Fathomless Mastery 2008
Breaking the Silence Allegiance 2006
** PINK FLOYD What Do You Want From Me    
  KISS Spit Revenge  
  GREEN DAY My Generation (The Who cover)    
  BLACK SABBATH Children of the Grave    
  AC/DC Money Talks    
  AUDIOSLAVE Gasoline    
  MARILYN MANSON Disposable Teens    
  POWND Divided    
  THE STRAY CATS Rock This Town    
  WEIRD AL YANKOVIC Canadian Idiot    
  WARP 11 And That's Why I'm in a Star Trek Band    
  CHEAP TRICK Surrender Heaven Tonight  
  CORRUPT THE RIGHTEOUS Pinch Yourself    

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