June 16, 2009



Song Title


  FEAR THY MAKER Daymare  
  FEAR THY MAKER Dementia  
  GAUNTLET Inner Enemy What Doesn't Kill Us... 2008
  GARY HOEY Frankenstein Wake Up Call 2003
  PRAYING MANTIS Playing God Sanctuary 2009
  TWISTED SISTER 30 Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary 2009
  STEEL PANTHER Death to All But Metal Feel the Steel 2009
  THIN LIZZY Killer on the Loose Chinatown 1980
  LORDI Midnight Mover (Accept cover) A Tribute to Accept  
  SPINAL TAP Tonight I'm Gonna Rock Ya This is Spinal Tap 1984
  MARY SHELLEY OVERDRIVE Gates of Steel (Devo cover) Hideous Sexy 2008
  CROWN OF THORNS Rock Ready Faith 2009
  THE DEAD BOYS I Need Lunch Young Loud and Snotty 1977
  ILL REPUTE Not That Way Big Rusty Balls 1993
** SAMAEL Polygames Above 2009
Choke of Sermon Wrath 2009
** ARCH ENEMY The Enemy Within Wages of Sin  
  AVENGER OF BLOOD Poser Slaughter Death Brigade 2008
  BOLT THROWER Final Revelation Warmaster 1991
  DAYGLO ABORTION Inside My Head Feed Us a Fetus 1998
  DEATH Within the Mind Spiritual Healing 1990
  HELLKRUSHER Ethnic Cleansing Doomsday Hour 1997
  IRON MAIDEN Remember Tomorrow Iron Maiden 1980
  NASTY SAVAGE Fear Beyond the Vision Fear Beyond the Vision 2002
  RAZOR Take This Torch Executioner's Song 1985
  WARBRINGER Living in a Whirlwind Waking Into Nightmares 2009
  CAULDRON Conjure the Mass Chained to the Nite 2009
  CARCASS Corporal Jigsore Quandary Necrotism: Descanting the Insalubrious  
  CAPTAIN BEYOND Mesmerization Eclipse Captain Beyond  

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