September 29, 2009




Song Title


  METALIUM Heavy Metal Grounded: Chapter 8 2009
  3 INCHES OF BLOOD The Call of the Hammer Here Waits They Doom 2009
  ALICE IN CHAINS All Secrets Known Black Gives Way to Blue 2009
  HAREM SCAREM Killing Me Weight of the World 2002
  SLAYER World Painted in Blood   2009
  RAMMSTEIN Pussy Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da 2009
  RACER X Poison Eyes Technical Difficulties 1999
  PEARL JAM Johnny Guitar Backspacer 2009
  SAVAGE BLADE Night of the Blade We are the Hammer 2009
  KISS I'm an Animal Sonic Boom 2009
  WITCHMASTER Total Annihilation Trucizna 2009
  HOUSE OF LORDS Bangin' Cartesian Dream 2009
  RETRO GRAVE Stone Head Retro Grave 2009
  OUT LOUD Breathing Fire Out Loud 2009
Eyes of Thousand Deflorate 2009
Where the Last Wave Broke Across the Dark 2009
** KID ROCK Warrior    
  PINK FLOYD Us and Them The Dark Side of the Moon  
  WHITE ZOMBIE Blue the Technicolor (Poker from Stud to Strip Mix) Astro Creep 2000  
  RUSH Dreamline Roll the Bones  
  SPINAL TAP Stonehenge Back from the Dead  
  CLUTCH Abraham Lincoln Strange Cousins from the West 2009
  CHICKENFOOT Turnin' Left Chickenfoot 2009
  VOIVOD From the Cave Inifni 2009
  KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Holy Diver (live) Killswitch Engage 2009
  THE SWORD The Front-Giant's Daughter Gods of the Earth  
  SAMMY HAGAR Fast Times at Ridgemont High Fast Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack  
  SAM KAZEROONI Orbit of the Backwards Oblong Angry Planet  
  AC/DC Love at First Feel Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  
  MOTORHEAD Shine    

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