October 6, 2009
The All KISS Show




Song Title


  KISS Mr. Speed Rock and Roll Over 1976
  KISS Goin' Blind Hotter Than Hell 1974
  KISS A World Without Heroes Music From the Elder 1981
  KISS All Hell's Breakin' Loose Lick It Up 1983
  KISS It's My Life Box Set 2002
  KISS No, No, No Crazy Nights 1987
  KISS Rock N Roll All Nite (live) Alive! 1975
  KISS Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio We're A Happy Family (Ramones Tribute) 2003
  KISS Stand Sonic Boom 2009
  ACE FREHLEY I'm in Need of Love Ace Frehley 1978
  GENE SIMMONS Living in Sin Gene Simmons 1978
  PAUL STANLEY Love in Chains Paul Stanley 1978
  PETER CRISS Hooked on Rock N Roll Peter Criss 1978
** KISS Domino Revenge 1992
  KISS Tears are Falling Asylum 1985
  ENTOMBED God of Thunder (Kiss cover)    
  THE HELLACOPTERS All American Man (Kiss cover)    
** KISS Rise to It Hot in the Shade 1989
  KISS Read My Body Hot in the Shade 1989
  KISS Forever Hot in the Shade 1989
  KISS Calling Dr. Love Rock and Roll Over 1976
  KISS Detroit Rock City Destroyer 1975
  KISS Do You Love Me Destroyer 1975
  KISS Hotter Than Hell Hotter Than Hell 1974
  KISS Parasite Hotter than Hell 1974
  KISS Rock and Roll All Nite Dressed to Kill 1975
  KISS Spit Revenge 1992
  KISS I Just Wanna Revenge 1992
  KISS Unholy Revenge 1992
  KISS Beth Destroyer 1976

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