October 20, 2009




Song Title


  BULLET BOYS Born to Breed 10 Cent Billionaaire 2009
  ALKEMYST The Grand Illusion Through Painful Lanes 2009
  DR. KNOW Ice House Burn 1985
  F.B. BASTARDS Fed by Your Blood Bastards Never Die 1987
  FOREIGNER Can't Slow Down Can't Slow Down 2009
  GILLAN Future Shock Future Shock 1981
  JOE PERRY Freedom Have Guitar Will Travel 2009
  KITTIE Cut Throat In the Black 2009
  LIPSTIXX AND BULLETS Bang Your Head Bang Your Head 2009
  MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP I Am Your Radio Save Yourself  
  PRIZE COUNTRY Gamble With Love 2009
  WOLF Blood Angel Ravenous 2009
From Adam Rich: "I'm having a reunion concert of my college band State Of Green on November 6th at the Symposium. We broke up in 1997 and this will be our first performance since then. I only have less then 10 copies of the lone CD we put out in 1996.
We weren't just a typical college band - we did some pretty cool things. We entered a contest in 1995 in Cleveland and made it to the finals, getting to play at the Euc, Odeon and Agora. We played CBGB's with fellow Clevelanders Cows In The Graveyard. We also opened for Watershed when they were signed to Epic Records, and opened for the Violent Femmes in our college gymnasium. We played in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, Columbus, Toledo and New York City to name a few places

  GLENN HUGES Orion Soul Mover 2005
Crying Back Yesterday Reflections 1992
New Religion New Religion 2007
** POWERMAN 5000 Super Villain Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere 2009
  KISS When Lightning Strikes Sonic Boom 2009
  RAVEN Trainwreck Walk Through Fire 2009
  SPINAL TAP Big Bottoms Back from the Dead 2008
  CLUTCH Motherless Child Strange Cousins from the West  
  CHEAP TRICK I Want You to Want Me (live)    
  ALICE COOPER Vegeance is Mine Along Came a Spider  
  FALCONER Emotional Skies Grime Vs. Grandeur  
  METALLICA Carpe Diem Baby Reload  
  MOTORHEAD In Another Time Sacrifice  
  SKRAPP METTLE You're So Sensitive    
  VAN HALEN Panama (live) Best of Both Worlds  
  DEADEN The Mine of    

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