November 17, 2009




Song Title


  CHEAP TRICK Alive The Latest 2009
  THE 69 EYES Kiss Me Undead Back in Blood 2009
  FU MANCHU Gargantuan March Signs of Infinite Power 2009
  SANGRE ETERNA Saint Amor Vincit Omnia 2009
  KIP WINGER What We Are From the Moon to the Sun 2008
  HEAVY BONES The Hand That Feeds Heavy Bones 1992
  WILLIAM SHATNER and HENRY ROLLINS I Can't Get Behind That Has Been  


Noumenon & Phenomenon Dark Matter Dimensions 2009


A Starved Horror Gin 2009


Forsaker Night is the New Day 2009


An Inch Above the Sand What We All Come to Need 2009


The Eye of Ra Those Whom the Gods Detest 2009
** ENERTIA Anything Force  
  GWAR Penis I See This Toilet Earth  
  GZR Prisoner 3 Ohmwork  
  HAMMERFALL Genocide Threshold  
  IN EXTREMO Rotes Harr Weckt Die Totten  
  KID ROCK Trucker Anthem Cocky  
  FIGHT War of Words War of Words  
  STEVE MILLER BAND Space Cowboy    
  SCUM OF THE EARTH I Am the Scum    
** WARP 11 Set Your Phaser to Fuck Boldly Go Down on Me  
  WARP 11 She Make It So Boldly Go Down on Me  
  WARP 11 Belt Buckle Tractor Beam It's Dead Jim  
  WARP 11 Tribbles and Ecstasy It's Dead Jim  
  WARP 11 Red Alert Red Alert  
  WARP 11 And That's Why I'm in a Star Trek Band Red Alert  
  WARP 11 Captain Caught Me on the Holodeck Boldy Go Down on Me  
  WARP 11 Warp 11 Red Alert  

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