December 1, 2009




Song Title


  GREEN JELLY Nothing To Say Music to Insult Your Intelligence 2009
  GREEN JELLY Three Little Pigs Green Jelly Suxx 1992
  GAMA BOMB Three Witches Tales from the Grave in Space 2009
  ADMIRAL OF BLACK Time Marches On The Hand of Chaos 2009
  CHICKENFOOT Bitten by the Wolf Chickenfoot 2009
  SAVAGE BLADE We are the Hammer We are the Hamemr 2009
  BEERS METAL I Need a Beer Beerconomic Stimulus Package 2009
  MAIN LINE RIDERS Worldshaker Worldshaker 2009
  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Hey, John, What's Your Name Again? Plagues 2007
  DEEP PURPLE Nobody's Home Perfect Strangers 1984
  ROB HALFORD Christmas for Everyone Halford III: Winter Songs 2009
  DEATHSTARS Death Dies Hard Night Electric Night 2009
  MOTORHEAD On Parole On Parole 1975
  KISS Got to Choose Hotter Than Hell 1974
Solemne Triduo Amenecer En Puerto Obscura 2007
Entropy Within Under a Stone with No Inscription 2004
** ALICE COOPER Guilty Alice Cooper Goes to Hell  
  ASSKICKER Alcoholics Against Sobriety    
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Blood is Thicker than Water Shot to Hell  
  BLIND GUARDIAN I'm Alive    
  CRIMSON FALLS Book of Memories The True Face of Human Nature  
  GIRTH Dark Grid The Sweetness of Rejection  
  ONE DEAD THREE WOUNDED Ghosts Paint the Town  
  RED HARVEST Internal Punishment Program  
  THRONE OF SERPENTS The Blurred Lind of Sanity Baptized in Blood  
  HYPERION Visions Through Centuries  
  ENGAGE Epic Demo  
  CASSIS Skingraft    
  MELVINS Joan of Arc (live) Houdini Live 2005  
  NIGHTS LIKE THESE Hearts of the Wounded Sunlight at Secondhand  

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