December 8, 2009




Song Title


  CHILDREN OF BODOM Bed of Nails (Alice Cooper cover)    
  CREED I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper cover)    
  DEE SNYDER Go to Hell (Alice Cooper cover)    
  DEF LEPPARD Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper cover)    
  DRAKKAR Poison (Alice Cooper cover)    
  FIREBALL MINISTRY Muscle of Love (Alice Cooper cover)    
  GRAVE DIGGER School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)    
  ICARUS WITCH Roses on White Lace (Alice Cooper cover)    
  ICED EARTH Dead Babies (Alice Cooper cover)    
  SAMAEL I Love the Dead (Alice Cooper cover)    
  SILENT RAGE Is It My Body? (Alice Cooper cover)    
  STAR STAR Nervous (Alice Cooper cover)    
  TWILIGHTNING Wind-Up Toy (Alice Cooper cover)    
  ALICE COOPER Freedom Raise Your Fist and Yell  
** DARKANE Contaminated Layer of Lies 2005
  ALL ELSE FAILED The Hutton Play Archetype 2001
** MOUNTAIN Mississippi Queen    
  AFTER FOREVER Digital Deciet    
  AVENGED SEVENFOLD Trashed & Scattered    
  BOLT THROWER Entrenched    
  CASSIUS Skin Graft    
  DEVILDRIVER Under the Line    
  DIMMU BORGIR Vredesbyrd    
  FOZZY Stand Up and Shout    
  GODSLAVE Out of the Ashes    
  NIGHTS LIKE THESE Heart of the Wound    
  OTEP Rise Rebel Resist    
  THE CASKET CREW Black Lung    
  THE CASKET CREW Misery's Company    
  THE CASKET CREW Two to a Box    

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