January 5, 2010




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton HELLOWEEN I Want Out Unarmed: The Best Of 2010
  BLAZE BAYLEY Wathcing the Night Sky Watching the Night Sky 2010
  FEAR FACTORY Controlled Demolition Mechanize 2010
  DIORAMIC Roses and Echoes Technicolor 2010
  OVERKILL Bring Me the Night Ironbound 2010
  HEADHUNTER DC Celebrate the Chaos God's Spreading Cancer 2010
  DIVINE EVE Vindication Vengeful and Obstinate 2010
  HEATHEN Bloodkult The Evolution of Chaos 2010
  MURDER OF MY SWEET Mistkaen Divanity 2010
  WIGWAM Wild One Non Stop Rock N Roll 2010
  IRON MASK We Will Meet Again Shadow of the Red Baron 2010
  LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM Top of the World A Touch of Heaven 2010
Christopher J. Kelter


Drawing Flies Badmotorfinger 1991


Omnivore Assassins: Black Meddle, Part 1 2008


Taste the Extreme Divinity Nuclear Blast 2009


Among Wolves Wearing a Martyr's Crown 2009
Snidermann AC/DC Fire Your Guns Razor's Edge  
  FRANK ZAPPA Joe's Garage Joe's Garage Acts I, II and III (Disc One)  
  ALICE COOPER For Britain Only The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper  
  SEVERED NERVE Haunted    
  THE UNION UNDERGROUND South Texas Deathride    
  TEMPLE OF THE DOG Hunger Strike    
  THE DEADLIGHTS Sweet Oblivion    
  IN FLAMES Minus Reroute to Remain  
  DROPKICK MURPHYS Road of the Righteous Do Or Die  
  CELTIC LEGACY Dance on Your Grave    
  BILLY IDOL Eyes Without a Face    
  BILLY SQUIER Rock Me Tonight    
  GRAVEWORM Prophecies in Blood    
  ILL NINO Red Rain    

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