January 19, 2010




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R. Scott Bolton        
Christopher J. Kelter IHSAHN
Malediction Angl 2008
  CONVERGE Slave Driver Axe to Fall 2009
  ZENO ROTH Out in the Night Zenology 1994
  THREAT SIGNAL The Beginning of the End Vigilance 2009
Snidermann FRANK ZAPPA Stick It Out Joe's Garage 1979
  METALLICA Bad Seed Reload 1997
  ATREYU Creature A Death Grip on Yesterday 2006
  RANCID Olympia, WA And the Wolves Come Out  
  ASSKICKER The Stoves of Insanity    
  TENACIOUS D Kickapoo The Pick of Destiny  
  CONQUEST Back Against the Wall No Boundaries  
  KILLED IN ACTION We Ruin Fun   2004
  CHILDREN OF BODOM Somebody Put Something in My Drink (Ramones cover) Are You Dead Yet? 2005
  SIX OUNCE GLOVE Me Again   2006
  PHAROAH Solar Flight After the Fire  
  LIFE OF AGONY Tangerine    

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