February 2, 2010
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Song Title


R. Scott Bolton MEGADETH The Right to Go Insane Endgame 2009
  EXODUS The Garden of Bleeding The Atrocity Exhibition 2007
  TESTAMENT The Evil Has landed The Formation of Damnation 2008
  AC/DC War Machine Black Ice 2009
  RAGE Strings to a Web Tomorrow Never Comes 2010
  JUDAS PRIEST Dissident Aggressor (live) A Touch of Evil Live 2009
  GREEN DAY Murder City 21st Century Breakdown 2009
  GAMMA RAY To the Metal To the Metal 2010
  TEN MASKED MEN Beat It (Michael Jackson cover) The Best Of 2010
  GREAT AWAKENING Thrash Till You Die Thrash Till You Die 2010
  BRUCE KULICK and NICK SIMMONS Hand of the King BK3 2010
Christopher J. Kelter


Oblivion Beckons Oblivion Beckons 20008


Musterion Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock 2008


Cybernetic Pillow Rapid Eye Movement 2007


Burning Times Something Wicked this Way Comes 1998
Snidermann CREATURE FEATURE Death of a Doll Maker    
  JOE PERRY We've Got a Long Way to Go    
  STYGIAN Crimson Sand Fury Rising 2010
  ROB ZOMBIE Werewolf Baby! Hellbilly Deluxe 2 2010
  2 CENTS The Hollow Dressed to Kill 2010
  AC/DC R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) Back Track  
  ALICE COOPER Unholy War The Last Temptation  
  DIO Faces in the Window Dream Evil  
  SILENT CIVILIAN Falling Down Rebirth of the Temple  
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Life, Birth, Blood Doom 1919 Eternal  
  DARK TRANQUILLITY Misery's Crown Fiction 2007
  FIGHT Into the Pit War of Words  
  KITTIE Last Goodbye Funeral for Yesterday 2007

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