April 27, 2010
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Song Title


R. Scott Bolton SKULL FIST Ride the Beast Heavier Than Metal 2010
  BITTER FROST Signs that Point to Nowhere Bitter Frost 2010
  ESP Set Me Free (Sweet cover) Lost and Spaced 1999
  GREAT AWAKENING All Systems Go Hit N Run EP 2009
  KMFDM Never Say Never (Naughty Habit Mix) Krieg 2009
  THE WHORE MOANS Rockets and Knots Hello from the Radio Wasteland 2008
  HOT LEG I've Met Jesus Red Light Fever 2009
  JACKYL Loads of Fun When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide 2009
  EYES SET TO KILL All You Ever Knew Broken Frames  
  HUGHES TURNER PROJECT You Can't Stop Rock N Roll Hughes Turner Project  
Christopher J. Kelter


A Thousand Lies Eparistera Daimones 2010


Backstabbers Go to Heaven Gospels for the Sick 2005


Teras Conclusion of an Age... 2009


Forever Blind Terminal Spirit Disease 1994
Snidermann MEAT LOAF Bat Out of Hell Bat Out of Hell  
  BOB SEGER Feel Like a Number Stranger In Town  
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Veteran of the Psychic Wars Fire of Unknown Origin  
  ALICE COOPER Hey Stoopid Hey Stoopid  
  AUDIOSLAVE Gasoline Audioslave  
  SPINAL TAP Big Bottoms Back from the Dead  
  DEVO Whip It Freedom of Choice  
  KISS Take It Off Revenge  
  STRAY CATS She's Sexy +17    
  SAMMY HAGAR Mas Tequila    

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